August Airplant: Tillandsia Espinosae

August Airplant: Tillandsia Espinosae

Tillandsia Esponosae originate from Ecuador and Peru. It’s stiff, triangular leaves form a spikey rosette, and when it reproduces it sends off long runners called stolon on which pups produce forming a costellation like clump if the pups are allowed to grow. Spray your Tillandsia Esponosae thoroughly once a week, shaking out any water in between the leaves and allowing the plant to dry upside down. The number one ailment for Tillandsia with stiff, close set leaves is rot caused by trapped water, so making sure your plant is dry after watering is important. Supplementing with a spray based air plant fertilizer once a month to maintain your plant for years to come.  You can display Tillandsia Espinosae by hanging it, or place it in a terrarium on top of any filler that doesn’t maintain moisture such as sand, rocks, or bark. You can also mount your Tillandsia Esponosae to dry wood or to a rock.



Tillandsia Esponosae require bright filtered light and should be placed near, but not directly in, a bright window.   You can also use a grow light to supplement but be conscious of light placement and keep light indirect. We recommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Depending on the humidity of your home or office, your Tillandsia Esponosae will need to be sprayed thoroughly once or twice a week. Make sure to shake any water that has collected in between the leaves and let it dry upside-down to avoid rot.


Fertilize every month  with a spray fertilizer instead of one of its regular watering to supplement the nutrients it would be gathering from the air in its natural environment

Long Term Care

With proper care Tillandsia Esponosae will continue to grow and reproduce. Pups will branch off on long offshoots from mother plant and can be left there to form a clump, or can be divided from the mother plant after they have reached at least half the size of the mother plant.

Pet info

Tillandsia are not toxic to animals.

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