September Little Plant: Haworthia Limifolia

September Little Plant: Haworthia Limifolia

Also known as “Fairy Washboards” for the raised patterning on their leaves and magical spiraling upward growth pattern. Haworthia Limifolia are native to Sothern Africa. Their plump triangular leaves form short rosettes and they have fun white blossoms that bloom during their growing season. If they are given plenty of room, Hawarthia Limifolia will produce pups that will off shoot a bit away from the mother plant.  Since Haworthia Limifolia is a succulent, they require a high drainage soil like a cactus mix or a blend of potting soil and sand or pebbles or a pot with a drainage hole .They need lots of light like they would get in their native habitat, so a high light window or a grow light are a must.  Let the soil dry out completely in between watering during the spring and summer, and water just enough to avoid wrinkling in the dormant season of winter and fall. Haworthia Limifolia are from a warm climate and will not do well with cold, so if you take your plant outside for whatever reason, don’t forget to bring it back inside before the evening chill sets in.


Haworthia Limifolia can handle full sunlight to partial shade.  Transitioning into direct light slowly will help you avoid sun-burning or scorching. Grow lights are also more compact and easier to use than ever if you don’t have any full sun window ledges.  We recommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


During the spring and summer when Haworthia Limifolia is growing, you will want to  water when the soil has completely dried out – about once a week depending on the humidity of the space. Less water is required during the dormant season in the Fall and Winter, when you can reduce watering to just enough to avoid shriveling of the leaves. A small well-draining container with cactus mix or a moderately dry blend of potting soil and sand will help you avoid over watering. If you have a pot with a hole and a dish under it make sure to empty water from the dish afterwards.


Fertilize Haworthia Limifolia with a diluted, balaned fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.  During the Fall and Winter the plant is dormant and will not require fertilizer.

Long Term Care

Haworthia Limifolia can last for years indoors if they are kept warm and dry. Mealy bugs and scales are the most common pests and can be treated with insecticidal soap, checking the cactus every other day and spraying it again if more pests appear.  The best way to avoid pests is being consistent with your care and nurturing a healthy plant with a healthy root system.

Pet info

Haworthia are not toxic to your pets or kids, but we encourage you to keep them out of maws or paws just in case.

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