Hanging Moss Gardens

Moss is this year’s most popular plant family! Hanging moss gardens, also known as Kokedama are a traditional Japanese style planter. These lovely moss orbs can be suspended from the celing or set in a dish on your table or countertop. Leave class making up to 3 of your very own! Class includes a 30 minute lecture / demo to show you how to create, plant and care for your moss gardens. Our friendly knowlegable staff is available for hands on help with planting, design and answering questions during the event. We offer a wide variety of plants, and decorative items to choose from to make your creation. We also offer post-care and trouble shooting for the care of your plamts long after class free!

Class fee: $20 per person (make up to 3 kokedama)
+ cost of plants used (most spend between $30 and $100)

Weekday Minimum: 6 Participants
Weekend Minimum: 10 Participants

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours