Planting Sparkle – Your Primer for Adding Quartz Crystal To Your Plants

Planting Sparkle – Your Primer for Adding Quartz Crystal To Your Plants

Quartz crystals can add a magical sparkle to any space, making them a popular addition to both indoor and outdoor gardens.  Beyond their radiance, though, quartz has a long history of being used in gardening and décor to improve the health and vitality of plants and spaces.

Quartz is one of the most naturally occurring minerals in the earths crust. It’s formed when silicon and oxygen form a tetrahedra of continuous framework.  Different trace elements create color variation in quartz. Amethyst gets it’s purple color when iron is in the area the quartz crystal develops, where citrine is caused by trace amounts of ferric and rose quartz is a result of traces of iron, titanium, or manganese just to name some of the most popular.

Quartz’s latticed atomic structure has an interesting effect on electricity, light, and heat transfer which may have contributed to humanities continued fascination with it.  Quartz is used in some of the earliest examples of jewelry and sculpture and is used not only for design but for Feng Shui and other practices that focus on the energy flow and feel of a space.

The easiest way to use quartz with your plants is esthetically. Place large points or chunks of it in your pots, or add chips of rose quartz, citrine, or aventurine if you top your soil with pebbles for a subtle hint of color. It is safe to water without removing the crystal, though you might want to just to maintain it’s luster since tap water often contains trace mineral sources that might dull it over time.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the more conceptive crystal practices, you can start with a simple crystal g

rid. Place a crystal at each of the four direction points either around your home, around your pots, or around your garden, adding a fifth point right at the center.  Some people also swear by burying crystals with sick plants or right after transplanting.

Whatever reason you’re drawn to include quartz into your garden, whether you’re purely enchanted by it’s esthetic qualities or you’re curious about the mythology and mystery around them, their beauty and shine takes any space to next level gorgeous.

Happy Planting!

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