Our Story


We are a team of passionate hard working individuals on a mission to demystify the care and cultivation of houseplants in your home or work space. It is our goal to provide excellent care, advice, and attention to all our customers whether it be in our classes, in store or through our online services.

Urban Sprouts was started in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in 2015 by the owner, Jen. Soon after opening, the building was earmarked for demolition to make way for development. Jen moved Urban Sprouts to its current location in downtown Renton where we have since quickly grown from 1 to 5 core employees. We can now offer a range of services focused on helping you in your plant journey!


find the perfect plant

We specialize in helping you select the plant that is just right for you. We begin by asking about the environment in your home, the amount of attention you want to provide for your plant and your personal style – we can then help you select a house plant that will be just right for you! If you’re new to plants, we will teach you the basics of watering, fertilizing, and some helpful tips for telling if something isn’t going right.

repotting / treatment

Bring your plants in that need larger pots or are looking a little down! We can help you re-pot, trim, diagnose and treat any issues they may be having

text / social media plant support line

Not sure why your plant is unhappy? Send us a photo over text, email, or message us on Facebook / Instagram and we will do our best to help figure out how to help! We can even help with plant identification!


We offer 3 – 5 public workshops a week at the store to foster fun, information and creatvitity! Learn to make a terrarium, start a bonsai tree, make some soap, do a floral arrangement, start a water garden and more!

private events

Any of our public classes can be made into a birthday party, shower, team building event or social gathering! You can have your event in our store, or we can bring the event to a location of your choosing.

celebrating small business and makers

We LOVE supporting other small businesses. We do our very best to source our plants, gifts and supplies from other businesses as passionate as ours, so if you’re in the business of supporting small nearly everything in our store is a double vote for small businesses!

floral / bridal / events

We offer services for your special events too! Need floral for your wedding? Looking for centerpeices for your gala? We both sell and rent centerpeices, plants, and floral work. Come to us with your budget and style and let us show you what we can do to help!

living stem floral

Keep the memories of your special day alive! We offer living stem bouquets and floral for weddings. This means the plants are still alive and roots remain intact where applicable in your arragements (mostly succulents and airplants, and some fern). Come back after your wedding and we can turn your bouquets and centerpeices into potted plants or terrariums!