No Green Thumb Required

No Green Thumb Required

Your plants may be dormant in the cold and dark of winter, but you don’t have to be.  Let your creativity keep you warm and learn a relaxing new craft with this month’s featured item: the PetitFelts succulent felting kit. Put together in the PetitFelt studio in Copake, NY, these delightful kits allow you to make your own, 100% kill-proof plant.

The only thing this kit is missing is a glass of wine to drink while you work.  It might seem like magic, transforming two balls of colored wool into the adorable potted succulent in the picture, but the detailed, illustrated instructions are absolutely muggle-proof.

Needle felting works by poking a barbed needle back and forth into the wool which catches the fibers and binds them together.  Included in the kit: one ball of brown wool, one ball of green wool, two needles, a foam block for shaping those distinctive paddle shaped leaves, and a terra cotta pot to put the whole thing in when you’re done.  It’s a meditative way to enjoy a night in at the end of a stressful work week, or encourage your friends to pick up a kit as well and make an evening of it. You may find yourself tempted to “grow” your own little felted garden. Felted succulents are a fun, fresh alternative to plastic plants and will look great on your desk at work or any place in your home that doesn’t get enough light for the real deal.  If you can bear to part with it, it’s a wonderful gift for your plant-loving gal friend on the go, or your bestie with the basement apartment.

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