May Little Plant – Assorted Haworthia Plug

May Little Plant – Assorted Haworthia Plug

Haworthia make distinctive and easy house plants with their thick triangular leaves and white stripes or warts.  They stay small and are slow growing, which makes them a great edition to a succulent planter or succulent terrarium.  Over time if the plant is given lots of room the main center will grow as the mother plant sends out new off shoots.  They are a low maintenance and resilient little plant as long as they are kept warm and dry.


Haworthia like high indirect light. Place them near windows that only have a few hours of bright light and remember to transition into direct light slowly to avoid sun-burning your plant. Too much white or yellow in the leaves often indicates too much light.  If you don’t get enough light in your home grow lights have become more compact and easier to use than ever. We reccomend these if you need a grow light bulb.


During the growing season water when the soil is dry and the leaves are looking somewhat shriveled – about once a week . In the winter you can go multiple weeks in between watering.  Having good drainage is essential to the happiness of succulents. Planting in a small well-draining container with cactus mix or a moderately dry blend of potting soil and sand will help you avoid over watering. If you have a pot with a hole and a dish under it make sure to empty water from the dish afterwards.


Haworthia can be fertilized during growing season by adding an organic fertilizer to your weekly watering. They do not require fertilizer during the dormant season.

Long Term Care

Fertilize the soil you plant your Haworthia in and you can go many years without having to repot them. They are slow growing and will stay small and compact.  They are a low maintenance and easy plant and will continue to thrive as long as you keep them warm and dry.

Pet info

Haworthia are not toxic for your pets.

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