May Air Plant – Aeranthos Minima Clump

May Air Plant – Aeranthos Minima Clump

Instead of just one plant this month, you’re getting a whole family.  Their Aeranthos Minima clump is a mother plant and her “pups”. Clumps tend to be more hardy than individual plants. Aeranthos Minima are a miniature verson of Aeranthos plants that don’t get very big, but they reproduce more quickly and create dense, happy little clumps in no time!   Hang your clump near a bright window, spraying it once a week and fertilizing it once a month to supplement the nutrients found in it’s native environment. Aeranthos Minima prefer warm environments and will be healthiest if kept inside.


Place your Aeranthos Minima clump near a window with bright filtered light.  You can also use a grow light to supplement but be conscious of light placement and keep light indirect.


Mist your Aeranthos Minima clump at least once a week depending on the humidity of your home or office.   Dry your air plants upside down after spraying to ensure that water doesn’t collect in between the leaves. .


Your air plant can be fertilized every month to supplement the nutrients it would be gathering from the air in it’s natural environment

Long Term Care

With proper care your Aeranthos Minima will continue to grow it’s clump.  Eventually the mother plant with die after blooming, but the offshoots will continue to grow.

Pet info

Aeranthos Minima are not toxic to animals.

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