Luxurious lather: introducing FinchBerry Soaps

Luxurious lather: introducing FinchBerry Soaps

Have you met our latest obsession? If not, take bath time to the next level with our newest soap maker, FinchBerry. These soaps look tasty enough to eat, and for good reason: each bar is made with vegan, food-grade ingredients, using techniques straight out of your favorite baking show.

Creator Ashley Robertson began her soap business in her North Florida pastry kitchen in 2009, turning her love of cake decorating into a thriving business. Robertson mixes, layers, and bakes abstract works of art, sprinkled with dried botanicals and topped with fluffy clouds of soap piping.

With scents ranging from classics like Mint Condition and Renegade Honey, to the exotic combinations of Darling (cherry blossom, white lily, violet and vanilla), you’ll always find something new to love. Not to mention, FinchBerry soaps are made fresh, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and without any harsh chemical preservatives.

*FinchBerry creator, Ashley Robertson, started her soap making business in 2009 at the age of 22. Currently, Robertson sells her luxury soaps to 5,000 retailers, including Urban Sprouts. 


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