June Air Plant – Tillandsia Bracaulos

June Air Plant – Tillandsia Bracaulos

Tillandsia Brachcaulos originate from Mexico and South America. With this long, green, triangular leaves they almost look like the top of a pineapple! They can enjoy more light than some of the other Tillandsia, but are not drought tolerant.  When they are getting ready to bloom, the leaves will blush a vibrant red color, and they produce beautiful purplish flowers. Place this tillandsia in a window with good morning light and enjoy it while you drink your coffee. It will tether itself to rocks or driftwood for a natural mounted look, or looks great with colorful rocks or sand in a terrarium.


Place Tillandsia Bracaulos near a window with bright filtered light.  You can also use a grow light to supplement but be conscious of light placement and keep light indirect. We recommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Mist your Tillandsia Bracaulos a few times a week depending on the humidity of your home or office being sure to shake any moisture that collect in between the leaves out and letting it dry upside-down.


Your Tillandsia Bracaulos can be fertilized every month  with a spray fertilizer instead of one of it’s regular watering to supplement the nutrients it would be gathering from the air in it’s natural environment

Long Term Care

Tillandsia Bracaulos will continue to grow and reproduce with proper care. Pups will branch off of the mother plant and can be left there to form a clump, or can be divided from the mother plant.

Pet info

Tillandsia are not toxic to animals.

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