Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Keep Your Plants happy.

Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Keep Your Plants happy.

Now that Summer is here  and kids are getting out of school, many of us are starting to feel the urge to get out of town, but how do you keep your plants happy when you aren’t around to take care of them?  This week were looking at a variety of different options to ensure that your carefully tended oasis is just as beautiful when you come home as it was when you left.

The primary concern for long trips is, of course, watering, but light and temperature are important to consider too.  By moving plants away from the windows and shutting the blinds you can help slow growth which will help limit your plants water needs and help you avoid sunburn for any particularly bright days.  You also want to make sure that you check the forecast before you leave. Heat waves can bake plants in unconditioned houses, so if it looks like the weather will be warm while you are away, try to move any heat sensitive plants to a cool part of your home.

You might think that high nurturance tropical foliage plants require a plant sitter, but there are a few little tricks that can help keep your plants happy in a pinch.  A bath tub or shower can be turned into a temporary green house for shade loving foliage plants by placing newspaper on the bottom of the tub, turning on the shower head to get it just slightly damp, and then closing the shower curtain and leaving the bathroom light on.  Similarly, a plastic bag can be secured over the top of your plant with a rubber band to maintain humidity, leaving plenty of air in the bag so it’s not clinging to the leaves.

If your plants have more moderate watering needs, a terra cotta watering stake like the ones we sell in the shop can be a great tool. Just fill a large vase with water and put the tubing in it, the stake will wick the water into the soil, keeping it from drying out.  If you’re a more hands off plant parent watering stakes and watering bulbs can be great not just for trips, but year round. You just want to make sure that water BEFORE putting them into place since dry soil will pull the water out too quickly.

If you have a friend watching your plants, it can be helpful to divide your plants by watering needs ahead of time. This way you won’t have to worry about your succulents getting watered at the same time as your Fiddle Leaf Fig or vice versa.  Go over watering instructions ahead of time so your plant sitter knows not only WHEN to water, but how much to water.

Finally, if all of this sounds like a lot of extra work and you just want to get OUT THAT DOOR, there are a lot of reputable plant care services.  These are people who will come into your home to care for your plants while you are away, or places where you can leave your plants before your trip and pick them up afterwards.  In fact, we offer plant sitting services ourselves.

Having a lush indoor garden doesn’t have to tie you down.  With a little bit of forethought and elbow grease you can ensure can have your happy plants and your adventures too.

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