Five Ways We’re Making This Fall the Coziest Ever

Five Ways We’re Making This Fall the Coziest Ever

As excited as I always am for Summer to start, by the end of a scorchingly hot August I’m always excited to see kids waiting with their brand new backpacks at the bus stop and the leaves beginning to change. With the extended grey of lingering rain clouds and early sun downs here in the Pacific North West, however, it’s not all pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots!  So this Fall we’re going in with a plan to take the coziness up to 11 to make your homes (and ours) the haven from the outside world we’re craving.

Step one: Set the scene

Considering how much time ends up being spent inside during the Fall, it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning, maybe rearrange your furniture, and generally set the scene for all of the cozy memories you’re planning on making.  Just like our plants need to be pruned and repotted from time to time to grow at their best, clearing out and changing your space up from time to time can be wonderful not only for aesthetic purposes but also as an exercise in self-exploration.  If you’ve always been curious about Feng Shui, or you’re curious about the Marie Kondo method people have been talking about, this could be the perfect time to try it out.   Once you’ve intentionally set your space up for maximum relaxation add some crystals to maximize the good vibes.  Our resident crystal expert, Danny, can help you pick out exactly the right rocks for whatever feelings you’re hoping to create.

Step two:  Make it Smell Good

Have you ever noticed certain smells are deeply linked to memories?  Like maybe the smell of chocolate chip cookies reminds you of standing on a step stool and baking with your Grandmother, or the smell of pine sap reminds you of the first adult camping trip you took with your friends.  That’s because the olfactory bulb (the part of your brain that processes scent) is part of the brain’s limbic system, which is closely associated with memory and feelings.

You can use this knowledge intentionally use scent to influence the way you want to feel in your space with scented candles, reed or mist diffusers or even a roller ball.  You can even use different scents at different parts of the day to set the mood. Citrus or Spearmint are great energizing scents if you want to perk yourself up after a long day, where vanilla or lavender can be really soothing if you’re looking to de-stress and relax. You can get premixed over the counter blends of fragrance oils, essential oils, wax melts or candles, or you can come into the store to mix something specific up with our large selection of essential oils.

Step three: Pick up a new Hobby

Summer’s amateur sports teams and adventure clubs offers lots of opportunities to get out and connect if you want to, but Fall’s cold and damp weather and early sunsets can quickly become isolating. Instead of slipping into hulu and hibernation mode this season, consider picking up a new hobby.

There are lots of mental benefits to taking up a hobby.   Learning a new skill strengthens the connections between parts of your brain. In fact, studies are currently being conducted that indicate picking up challenging new hobbies can improve memory and slow mental aging by a few years.    It can be a great way to set time aside to decompress if you’ve got a busy lifestyle, and the social connection of a class or craft circle help stave off loneliness which lowers stress.

It might just be time to check out our soap making series, or try your hand at terrarium building. Or maybe you’d rather teach yourself with one of the plant themed embroidery or paint by numbers kits.  We even have a few patterns and recipes here on the blog for free!

Step Four: Make a Cozy Tea Ritual

There’s just something soothing about a great cup of tea on a chilly evening, enjoyed while wrapped up in a blanket with a great book.   Not only do most teas contain antioxidants and boast a variety of health improving benefits, but the practice itself provides a chance to slow down and get present.  Tea can be a gentle way to wake up, an alternative to coffee for a mid-afternoon break, or a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day.

Like most healthy habits, it helps if you really enjoy every element of your tea consumption.  No one is going to look forward to gulping down a cup of cheap black tea in an average mug, but a soothing chai in a delicate china cup with a dollop of local honey is a perfect end to any crisp fall day.   Even better, invite your friends over for a tea tasting party with everyone bringing their favorite mug and blend!

New to tea? We’ve got a handful of local teas (as well as the tea balls and mugs to put them in) to get you started.

Step Five: Just Add (Winter Blooming) Plants

It’s not just Christmas Cactus! There are a variety of beautiful houseplants that bloom in the winter.  Jasmine, African Violets, Cyclamen, and kalanchoe also strut their stuff in the winter months.  The main thing to remember for supporting your winter flowering plants is to apply regular light and fertilizer.  If you use grow lights to help supplement light, remember to turn them off around the time the sun sets so the plant knows it’s winter.

Not sure what winter blooming plant is best for your home or care preferences?  We’d love to help you pick out something that works with your home and schedule.

While there may be a long grey season ahead, remembering to focus on what matters is really the key to getting through it.  Really, all you need to remember to make this the best Fall ever it to connect with the people you love, open yourself to new experiences, and pay attention to what is already beautiful in your home.

Do you love Fall?  We’d love to hear your favorite ways to make this season extra wonderful in the comments.

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