Five Great Apps to Keep Your Plants Happy (and one for self care, too)

Five Great Apps to Keep Your Plants Happy (and one for self care, too)

Don’t you just love apps?  They can make habit making so much more fun than the old checklist method.  They help us keep track of tasks, prioritize our fitness, and even make grocery shopping lists with ease,  so why not use them step up your plant parenting game, too?  When life gets hectic, these apps can help you stay consistent with watering and fertilizing, identify pests and problems before they get out of hand, and even identify plants you find out in the world so you know exactly what to ask for the next time you visit us in the shop.

Perennial Match App

This app is great for the patio gardeners out there.  This handy app helps you pair plants based on their compatibility not only to each other but also light and climate needs.  You can look up plants your interested in from the massive plant database, or you can filter results based on your space needs if you’re just looking for inspiration.

Perennial Match is available for $4.99 on ios and works on both iphones and ipads. To learn more about it you can check it out here!

Garden Compass

Garden Compass is a free app that is a good all in one. It provides monthly reminders geared towards the plants you have, so you know when to move, repot, fertilize, or even cut back on water.  Garden Compass also has plant and disease identification and provides access to local plant experts and a huge plant database.

Garden Compass is available on iOS and Android. You can check it out HERE.

or here

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants

Looking to branch out into growing your own food? This app is for you! With lots of photos, care guides, and tools to track growth, harvest, and even local weather, this app will help you build up your confidence and your green thumb. From your kitchen counter herb garden, to the raised bed you’re dreaming of next spring, Homegrown can help you plan projects that work with local conditions and your own

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants is available on both iOS and and Android.  You can learn more about it at


Have you ever been out for a walk, or even just hanging out in someone’s yard and seen a plant you knew you NEEDED…if only you knew what it was called? NatureGate lets you identify plants with the flower identification tool.  It’s not just plants, though. You can also use NatureGate to identify birds, insects, and fish!  While it’s largely geared towards the outdoors and might not have your favorite tropical foliage plants in it’s database, this app is a great way to start learning more about the different plants that grow in your climate and is a handy addition to any hike.

NatureGate is available on iOS and Andriod.  You can learn more about it here.

Moon Garden

For millennia humans gardened based on the moon.  While it’s not taken in consideration much these days, if you’d like to experiment with synching your plants up with the moon cycles this app has everything you need to do.  Get daily gardening advice based on the moon phase and zodiac sign!  It also provides a visual watering schedule for each plant and alarms just in case you get distracted moon gazing.

Moon Garden is available only on iOS. You can find more information about it here

And one for you!

Plant Nanny

Are you ready to never be dehydrated again?  This adorable app helps you keep track of your daily water intake by watering the freaking cutest plant with eyeballs you have ever seen.  If you water it regularly, your little plant will whistle a happy tune, but forget to water your plant and be prepared to be traumatized by the saddest wilted little plant image you have ever seen.  Plant Nanny lets you customize your water intake based on weight and activity level, then reminds you to drink throughout the day.  If you’re a plant lover already, you’ll adore this fun game that keeps you hydrated and happy all day.

Plant Nanny is available on iOS and Android.  You can learn more about it here

Do you have a go to gardening app you LOVE?  Are you as obsessed with the precious Devil’s Ivy in Plant Nanny as I am? Go ahead and let us know in the comments?

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