After Class Must Haves!

After Class Must Haves!

Have you been to one of our classes lately? Here are some items we recommend for successful and fun plant care for years to come!


A great spray bottle that is fun and comfortable to use is key to successful watering for terrariums, living frames, tropical plants and tillandsia!

Let’s be honest, are you really going to water regularly if you have to get that ugly plastic thing out of the closet every time you need it? I know I don’t. We love the chrome, brass and copper vintage style misters like these! No finger fatigue and cute enough to keep out on the shelf!

These not your style? Here are a couple others we recommend:

– link coming soon –



This powder is a plant’s (and your) best friend! Packed full of micro-nutrients and dehydrated beneficial microbes that when rehydrated create a supportive ecosystem in your soil! Healthy organic soil is full of protazoa, bacteria and mycorrhizae that work together to synthesize nutrients and transport them around the soil ecosystem!

Traditional fertilizers apply a finite amount of nutrients to potting soil that the plants eat, when the fertilizer runs out many plants will go into shock- very surprised that the food is suddenly gone! This fertilizer will not suddenly run out! Populations of the beneficials will slowly drop over time and when nutrients run low your plants will start warning you (a yellow leaf here or there or uncalled for drooping) giving you plenty of time to react and add more inoculant! One little package makes 3 – 6 gallons of fertilizer and can be used on any plant!

More coming soon!


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