A love of nature and design: our interview with Nejla of Yaba Deco

A love of nature and design: our interview with Nejla of Yaba Deco

We’ve been obsessed with Yaba Décor’s Stained-glass feathers and air plant displays since before they even came into the store.  Their bohemian-elegant style is eye catching as well as sun catching, and a beautiful addition to any home. We always like to hear about what inspires the work of our artists and creators,  so this month we interviewed Nejla, one of the creative minds behind Yaba Décor, to learn more about what drives her creativity and sense of style.

So first question: how did you get started with design and specifically with stained glass as your medium?

I was always a creative person and enjoyed putting my own twist to design and home decor. While, I don’t come from an artistic background, after I graduated university and worked for a few years, I was unsatisfied with the idea of keeping a ‘regular’ job and my creativity felt muted so I began designing and creating home décor pieces such as concrete and himmeli. I quickly moved on to learning stained glass with the mentorship of my partner, Meliksah. I fell in love with stained glass because I was involved in the entire process of creating from the idea to the finished piece.

Do you have any stylistic influences? If so who?

I don’t have a person in mind when I think of an artistic influence. I always enjoyed modern design but felt it was incomplete and always tried to find ways to fit my personality, childhood and cultural background into creating. I remember designing my room when I was a teenager and I would take cultural (Turkish) pieces my mom would hang and play with it to make it look modern without eliminating the crucial components. I think my love of nature definitely comes alive in some of my pieces. I like to look at feathers, flowers, and leaves and mimic them through illustrations while adding my own style to it.

Where do you find inspiration?

I think I’m most inspired by nature. I look at a cactus either I or my partner bought and brainstorm all of the ways I can recreate it in one of my stained-glass pieces. I sit for hours and try to draw a plant I have or saw while adding my own style to it. I look at photos of real plants and how they look in their natural habitat and try to create a design that contains the beauty of nature while modernizing and fitting it into our everyday lives.

What feelings do you hope your work brings to the people who take it home? What do you hope/aspire to bring into their homes? What motivates you to create what you create?

I think a lot of people are unaware how to style stained glass within their home and it’s somewhat of a dying art and I hope that the pieces I create bring function and meaning into the owner’s homes. I hope that the creativity, love, and care that we put into the pieces are felt by the people who take them home. I think a lot of people are looking for handmade art pieces that is also affordable that can easily fit into their homes and I aspire to create pieces that are made with precision, care, love and affordable so that anyone can enjoy a piece of handmade art


Thank you Najla for letting us learn a little bit more about what inspires you! Helping people bring the inspiration of nature into their homes is a huge part of our mission, and we love that your art is now a part of that.

Yaba Décor’s in Instagram at @yabadecor is filled with beautiful images of their art as well as styling ideas and inspiration. You can also find more of their pieces in their etsy store

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