DIY Spotlight–Macrame plant hangers for beginners

DIY Spotlight–Macrame plant hangers for beginners

Don’t let the elaborate creations on Pinterest and Instagram scare you-whether you’re a crafter newb or a seasoned veteran, you can whip out a macrame plant hanger in no time at all! Just follow our step-by-step tutorial below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

You will need:

  • 3X 8 foot-long pieces of rope (we like cotton best)

  • 1 wooden ring

  • Scissors

  • A wall hook, nail or garment rack to hang your project on while you work

Step 1: Tie your ropes to your wooden ring. The first knot we’ll use is the lark’s head knot: fold the rope in half, placing the loop end over your wooden ring. Bring both loose ends of the rope around the ring and through the loop. Repeat with rope; when you’re done, you’ll have 3 lark’s head knots looped over your ring.


Step 2: Separate your strands and tie a square knot (shown below). Form three new sets of rope by taking one strand of each set (the pairs formed by your lark’s head knots) and pairing it with one strand from the set next to it. I measured about two feet down the rope before forming these knots.


Step 3: Start the basket with two hitch knots: measure 6-7 inches below your square knots (the distance between the first knot and the second knot determines the size pot that will fit in your planter hanger). At this point, divide the sets again and pair with one strand from each of the neighbor strands, creating three new pairs. Tie one double hitch knots in each set, at the same height (shown below).

Double Hitch1
Double Hitch2
Double Hitch3
Double Hitch4

Step 4.  Narrow the basket: divide strands and pair with neighbor strands. Measure 4-5 inches down, and tie a second trio of double hitches (or do three square knots).

Step 5. Close the basket: drop an inch down, divide and pair. Take the two outermost strands and tie a square knot AROUND the remaining middle strands. Repeat two or more times—you can continue this pattern until you run out of rope, or unbraid the remainder to create a fringe.

MacrameHanger 10

Step 6: Add a pot and plant and celebrate! You just made your first macramé plant hanger.

The three knots in this tutorial (lark’s head, square, hitch) are three of the most important knots in macramé—now that you know them, you can apply these knots to other, more complicated projects. You can try different variations with the original three strands of rope, add another strand for a four-strand hanger, or double the amount of rope for a fuller-looking hanger (this would be a total of 6 or 8 individual, 8-foot ropes, doubled).

Have fun crafting!


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