5 Valentine’s Day ideas for the crafty plant lover in your life

5 Valentine’s Day ideas for the crafty plant lover in your life

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day? Tired of fighting the crowds at your favorite restaurants? Here are 5 off-the-beaten path ideas as creative and original as your significant someone.

1. Drink wine and build a terrarium together. Our terrarium classes teach you how to set up a successful, long-lasting miniature ecosystem. Make one as a couple, or see who can make the best one (a little competition is healthy, right??) Wine is complimentary for adults 21 and older during our 6 p.m. classes.




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2. Build an exotic aquascape at our water garden class. Water gardens are low-maintenance and low-light friendly, and they make the perfect addition to your desk or coffee table. Create your own mini freshwater environment with a wide variety of plants, including marimo, add your own custom decorations, and maybe throw in a snail or two to help keep the bowl clean.


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3. Create original wall art. Whether you’ve recently

moved in together, or you just want to freshen up a tired space (maybe ditch some of those old posters?), you can’t go wrong with home decor you make together. String a one-of-a-kind air plant holder on our sustainably-sourced, locally-made frames, then pick the perfect plants to go with it.

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4. Sweat and get zen. The couple that exercises together, stays together. Our popular yoga and terrariums class is the perfect way to end a romantic weekend, plus bottomless mimosas! What’s not to love?

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5. DIY spa for two. Ok, so we can’t provide the tub or the fluffy towels, but we CAN show you how make the perfect romantic, relaxing bath salts for a candle-lit evening in. We use organic, locally-sourced ingredients and have a wide variety of essential oils and additives to choose from.

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